25 February 2009

Audio. Visuals.

Just a quick general update before I turn in early tonight -- be expecting semi-regular posts featuring photos I've taken on my cell phone. They won't be anything spectacular since I have an older-model Razr, but I miss taking pictures of my daily surroundings. We'll see how they turn out though; they might look so crappy that I might forgo the exercise altogether until I get a proper digital camera. However, I do have a decent Handycam so I also might try my hand at vlogging this weekend to bless you in FULL AUDIOVISUAL GLORY -- if I get around to it.

And if I'm not too embarrassed at the results.

Finally, since we're on the subject of photography and video, here's an outstanding video ... about photography.

Have a good night.

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Strictor said...

I've decided to take all pictures and movies in Black and White and set it to depressing music. Its makes it more NOIR. Word.

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