16 March 2009

Rest In Peace, Pluggy.

I love free wifi at the airport. Why stimulate your mind by reading a book when you can surf the Web on someone else's dime while waiting for your flight? The choice is easy.

(Only half-kidding. I'm planning on diving into Savage Peace by Ann Hagedorn in a few minutes.)

We passed by the gutted remains of a Circuit City on the way to the airport earlier this morning. The electronics retail giant's last day of existence fell on the same day as my birthday. And although I'd heard of CC's demise long before then, I'd never gotten around to peeking inside to see if I could cop a good deal on ... well, anything. I don't think I missed much; for one thing, most of the things that are usually "on sale" at CC can be had for regular price at Walmart (or for even less online). I'd read various reports on the Web about the massive nationwide liquidation of items in the stores (good) and the resulting consumer reaction (not good) -- which was enough to turn me off to the whole thing. Not to mention I'm on a budget and don't really need any shiny new toys*.

Anyway I'm a little partial to CC because I used to work there for a few years during college, hawking CDs and making sure little thugrats didn't make off with any merchandise. I worked with a few good friends which made the corporate retail experience fun and almost worthwhile, and it seemed like in those times Circuit City was unstoppable. The store was almost always busy, even on Sunday evenings, and it was a huge event when technological advances like *gasp* DVDs and *gasp* broadband Internet were introduced. It was a good time to be in retail electronics. Just read this glowing article for proof.

Obviously they bit off more than they could chew.

Funny how Best Buy's still around and thriving -- I haven't shopped in a BB for months now either, but they must be doing something right. For one thing, their employees didn't work off commission (to my knowledge). But I'll be popping in now and then if I can't wait to buy some random cable or something. Otherwise, the Web will get my money.

Rest in peace, Pluggy. It was good knowing you.

*I still browse Craigslist for a good deal on a used projector though. I probably turn my TV on for less than an hour a week.

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