04 April 2009

On Calligraphy & Wine.

I was paging through Behance Network the other day and stumbled across some sick calligraphy by Bulgarian artist Jordan Jelev.

I really like how the lines flow into (and around) each other to create elegant works of word art. The digital work is precise and neat, but I'm especially intrigued by the hand-painted calligraphy as the colors within the strokes provide extra depth and personality to the letters. I can see some of these pieces tastefully framed and hung in groups around the apartment.

Turns out that Jelev is also adept at creating and photographing his own custom wine labels. These are my favorites:

Although I like the curvy, flowing lines of calligraphic text, the clean angles and sharp corners of Jelev's designs appeal to the minimalist in me.

I once had the notion to start collecting wine labels; I consider them small works of art in their own right (as evidenced by the previous links). Unfortunately, funds are tight so I currently don't drink enough wine to start a collection. However my dad is an avid wine drinker and something of a connoisseur, so maybe I can get him to start saving labels for me.

Ah well. More cool projects to think about, but to be put on the back burner for now.

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