10 April 2009

Tear Something Up.

Not literally of course, but because IT'S THE WEEKEND:

Yoooo. I love the purely visceral ENERGY in this video. Several songs on Justice's album (Cross) make for good, high-energy workout material. However, "Stress" -- taking its cue from the ultraviolence in A Clockwork Orange, among other influences -- is personally the most powerful. This joint makes me want to go crush some weights or abuse the speed limit.

To my great dismay, I have to work tomorrow and Easter Sunday, so I'll be lounging at home tonight. But for those about to tear something up, whether it's tequila shots, dance floors or Guitar Hero songs, this is my salute to you. Turn this way up.

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Rey said...

sup ran! good to see you're blogging again! nice video. i actually had to use that song in a dance group mix for my friends down in cali (probably almost a year and a half ago now). totally didn't imagine the music video would look like this. hypnotic beat, fast-paced, video matched perfect. thanks for sharing!

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