27 August 2009

Heavy Rotation 003: Goapele | "Milk & Honey".

I'm sorry, but this song just ... freaking ... hits.

I'm really feeling the video too.  The images and colors are invitingly warm and fit the music like ... uh, milk and honey.  Loving the drums and synths ... so lush.  I've been a fan of Goapele's voice for a minute now, and I'm not even mad at the Auto-Tune, 'cause she doesn't overdo it and it works with the track.

Just lay back, relax, let me blow your mind ...

I could hear this joint bumping out some big-ass speakers at 3am in the red-lit basement of some chill house party, smoke in the air, bottles and glasses clinking.  On the real, a perfect late night summer song.

I need more.  Someone let me know if there are any remixes floating around, but damn if this version isn't sick.

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