12 September 2009

Lyrics: "Sharper Image" (Verse 01).

Written one cool evening this past spring. Recent events have lead me to re-read this, and maybe complete at least one more accompanying verse in the upcoming days.

Time flies when you're havin' fun, back in the days
Yo you couldn't tell me nothin' about actin' my age
Yeah I was a quiet cat but there was turbulence within
Emotions combine lethally like bourbon mixed with gin

Never a hothead, but lots of my decisions were rash
Enough to make my fam fear a collision or crash
They intervened on my behalf/Told me to face the
Demons in my path so I could rise like a phoenix from the ash

I only half-listened, too busy havin' a blast, missin'
The point about life, karma and ass-kickin'
We all take a number, mine had to be next
So I went and cashed the ultimate reality check

It took a seed for me to man up, put my hand up
And realize that without a plan, I couldn't stand up
To provide for another life dependent on my blessed own
Seein' her picture definitely sends the message home

To step it up a level 'cause it gotta be done
I know you'd feel the same if you had a daughter or son
There ain't no bigger eye opener, it set me straight
Down the path full-steam, didn't let me wait

For life to catch up, no second chances, no rehearsals
They countin' on you to do right, ain't no reversals
Ain't no commercials, this is live from the set of my soul
Listen I'm grown now, let it unfold

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