16 September 2009

Parkour + Robots + Insane Footspeed = Canabalt.

Hey it's the middle of the week and you could probably use a little break. I got just the thing.

In Canabalt, all you do is run and try to escape a city being overrun by giant robots. Actually, the game "runs" for you so all you need to do is push X or C to jump. But they better be carefully timed jumps, or you're meeting your maker. Okay, so it's not really "parkour" -- just a lot of jumping and some really fast running.

Very simple concept, and to my knowledge there's no ending (you just try to run as far as you can) but it's oddly addicting. The atmosphere of the game is, in a word, menacing -- tense music, angry mecha destroying the buildings on the horizon, the occasional rocket fly-by that shakes everything in sight -- and combines perfectly with the sense of urgency to GTFO!

Play it a couple of times and escape. Then it's back to work for you -- until the robots arrive for real.

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