22 September 2009

Scarf Weather.

Today, if you hadn't been aware, is the Autumnal Equinox, signifying that the night and day are about equally long. Also known as the First Day of Autumn -- my absolute favorite season -- this event can only mean one thing:


Hollaaaaaa!! Very soon it'll be time to break out the knit caps, hoodies, light jackets, sweaters and other clothing layers. About time too ... I was getting tired of coming out of work to find that my car had mysteriously transformed into an oven, and having my clothes stick to me at inopportune times. Seeing as I hate sweating when I'm not supposed to be sweating (and I perspire very easily), the change to cooler weather will be welcomed with open arms.

I haven't really been clothes shopping much since I went back to school almost two years ago; I relegated shopping to every few months and hit up consignment stores when I did go. I'd never paid them much notice before, and I'm kinda mad at myself now for not doing so then. When Gen lived there a few years ago, she upped me on consignment shopping during one of my visits and it was like I damn near experienced Retail Enlightenment. I mean how are you gonna pass up perfectly-fitting designer denim for about $20-40?

You can't. (If you can, your will is definitely stronger than mine.)

Not that I ever used to buy cheap stuff, but since I started consignment shopping I've been retro-fitting my wardrobe with some choice apparel. Yeah I'm buying fewer things now, but that only means that I'm more careful with choosing the items I end up purchasing and taking home. I like to think that my "look" has been narrowed down and upgraded as a result. WIN!

So here's to cooler, more comfortable weather! And best believe: I got my scarves on deck.

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