09 September 2009

The Way It Should Be.

From a recent, enlightening phone conversation:
Starting over is highly overrated. You deal with what you're given and you do the best you can, and it all ends up the way it should be.
- a good friend of mine on life, 02 September 2009
Sometimes the simplest words paint the clearest pictures. Thanks for listening to me, and maybe I'll succeed in applying this little bit of wisdom to the ever-changing Rorschach inkblot that is my life right now.

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Me said...

Who knew I could be so profound? One of my friends did call me Yoda once...although that could be because I'm short and old. :) I'm glad the words coming out of my mouth made sense to you, because I often confuse myself.

But seriously, any time you need an ear, I'm here. I'm not good at many things, but I'm pretty confident in my listening skills.

Ran said...

I'm pretty sure that was verbatim, too. I was typing as you were expounding on the virtues of your philosophy. LOL. Good stuff.

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