01 October 2009

Not Entirely Untrue.

Found this the other day and thought it was worth sharing:

Kinda funny. Although men obviously have more things to talk/think about in depth than just the three-letter-word (I should hope), it's not entirely untrue part of the time. But countless sitcom episodes, op-ed articles and blog postings have been built upon this premise and played up to great effect because it's been ingrained into society that this is simply how men and women work. So ingrained, in fact, that it's almost a big deal when the roles are reversed. But that's the subject of another post.

The image above reminds me of one of my favorite Roots joints from back in the mid-nineties, "Silent Treatment". The first verse:
Yo, I had a Queen named Amina, height five seven
Caramel-complected, body like heaven
Met her through the sister of my man Big Vince
Like some shit from out the flicks we been in love ever since

She called me her chocolate brotha, I called her my sugar sista
Knew Shorty could work it since before I ever kissed her
I never dissed her, painted my picture to hit
But because sex she wasn't with, she started flippin' and shit

Like, "Listen man, I'm Queen Amina, Amina's not no freak and
That game is weak and keep tryin' to hit I could quit speakin'
Tariq in fact, you bein Black Thought don't get ya closer
I dig ya but won't bone ya because I'm so-called supposed ta

Most o' them would, but that couldn't be me, that's not my flava
Go home and think about that, maybe later on I'll page ya ..."
I contemplated, and then concluded she was bluffin'
Steady pursuin' screwin', gettin' nothin' but the silent treatment
Here are the lyrics to the entire song. And, just 'cause the song definitely bears listening to:

Yeah, that's Santigold on the cover of the single. Dig it.

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