12 October 2009

Retail Therapy 001: Dangoon | Funnel-Neck Zip Jacket.

I have never considered myself a shopaholic. Back when I was working full-time, I limited shopping to a couple of times a year and bought pieces mostly for the office. I do have to admit my greatest impulse buys were caps/hats (damn you, Urban Outfitter!!) but they are largely timeless, so I like to think of those as investments -- plus I can still rock 'em with no hesitation. So no, shopping wasn't really the addiction for me as it was for some of my friends.

Lately though, I have gotten the itch to buy something. I'm currently phasing out the baggier casual clothing I used to wear on a daily basis and replacing them with slimmer gear that actually fits better (yes Mom, you were right). Since the weather is definitely getting colder, I wanted some some new autumn outerwear, but didn't feel like rocking anything from the usual department stores found here in Kansas City. I turned to the Web.

I'd read about YesStyle a few weeks ago, so I decided to visit the site. Apparently they're the fashion arm for YesAsia, a huge site where you can buy Japanese/Chinese/Korean DVDs, electronics and music. I figured it might be cool to get some gear from overseas, and found this jacket from Dangoon, a South Korean fashion brand:

Dope silhouette. It's got "unusually cut side pockets, zipper hardware on the sleeves and body and a funnel neck with straps." Not your run-of-the-mill top. I really like the features, fabric and the cut so I'll give it a try. Since the order is being shipped from across the Pacific it'll take a couple of weeks to get here, but I'm thinking it'll be worth it. I'll post an update when I get it in the mail ...

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Anonymous said...

Lets hit up some "shoppes" next week. I'll give you a ring cuz I may be up there Wed night. Also, lets make some plans Thursday since the knuckleheads will be in town.

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