03 November 2009

Peeking In.

Apologies for being away for a couple of weeks. Life has been moving faster than usual lately, which has resulted in me getting (even) less sleep than usual. I'll be back tomorrow (Wednesday) evening to catch up on my Sunday Seven entries, as well as some other stuff that's been accumulating in my head.

Edit: Sunday Seven entries for 25 October and 01 November have now been posted retroactively (in order to preserve continuity of the series).

Been listening to You Will Never Know Why by Sweet Trip a lot over the past few nights. I'm always looking for something I can play in the nocturnal hours (especially in the late-PM/early-AM timeslots, when I should be dreaming of electric sheep*) and this fits the bill nicely. Listen to them on last.fm and you won't be disappointed.

See you tomorrow.

*I really should watch Blade Runner again. I'm always down for a beautifully shot/acted/scored film about the dystopian future. (Oh yeah, 500 Internet Points to you if you get the reference.)

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Strictor said...

I think you can stream Blade Runner from my netflix. Let me know if you want access.

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