26 February 2010

Featured Artist?

So I'm considerably active on a couple of discussion boards on the Web, one of which has a poetry/spoken word sub-section. On a whim I posted this haiku series on it a month ago, and got some positive feedback on it (which is encouraging me to develop my form a bit more). Then out of the blue earlier this week, I received more feedback and a request. Would I be willing to record the haiku to serve as the acapella intro for an (rap?) album that one of the members is working on?

No need to ask me twice. Cool, I'm down for the cause.

I do have a neglected mic here at the house but need to buy an adapter for it so I can record some audio on my laptop. I don't have much info on the project quite yet; at this point I've only exchanged a handful of emails with the cat who's putting it together. I do know that it will be a compilation of vocalists on that board. I'll definitely update as I learn more though. This admittedly has me kinda geeked.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, that's sweet maing! More stuff for me to bump as I roll around mid missouri.

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