12 February 2010

Love & Coffee, Danish Style.


From some quick Googling, I'm guessing it's some sort of Danish holiday advertisement. I really like the style of this art though -- crisp, sharp and bold. It looks like a vintage travel poster! Plus I thought it would fit in nicely with the goings-on this week, with Snowpocalypse over on the East Coast keeping winter in the forefront of our collective consciousness, and Valentine's Day tomorrow. The art suggests warmth and companionship, complete with a lovely mug of your favorite caffeinated brew.

And I love the fact that they're both wearing hats. I actually have a lid similar to the one the man is wearing, right down to the color.

Soooo I definitely won't be celebrating this particular corporate holiday this year (for better or for worse), but for everyone else with Valentine plans, go forth and enjoy! Just remember to keep it down.

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