01 March 2010

Buzzed Off.

So yesterday I posted on Buzz how I wasn't going to use it for its social networking convergence abilities anymore:
Hm. After a couple of weeks I'm not really seeing the utility of Buzz (yet, anyway). I'm temporarily disconnecting my accounts from being pulled into Buzz -- although everyone is more than welcome to visit and comment directly on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and other accounts as they are updated on a regular basis. (You can visit http://flavors.me/rangamboa or my Google Profile to see the links.)
I realize that the point of Buzz is to consolidate many of my updates across the Web into a single space. However, there's a significant amount of overlap among them already, so Buzz almost seems redundant. Unsurprisingly, there's been a lot of talk on the 'Net about how Google is too late to the social networking party. I wouldn't count Google out completely, but the points are valid. My own reasons are that:
  1. Only a fraction of my friends/contacts use Gmail.
  2. Many of my Gmail-using friends have opted not to use Buzz.
  3. Buzz's design remains rather clunky and inelegant (come on Google, you can do better).
  4. There isn't enough current activity in there to warrant maintenance of another social networking app.
I'll still check into Buzz whenever I get a notification inside my Gmail account (and will even post an occasional reply or two) but honestly, I think I'll do just fine without it.

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