11 March 2010

Capstone Course Concentration.

Today I'm taking a major mock exam for my Seminar in Radiology class, which is prepping us to take (and pass) the boards after graduation in May. The grading scale in all of the courses in the Radiological Technology program here at FHSU is steeper than the national average -- 94% and above is an A -- so it's definitely a good thing that we're being pushed harder than what's required. True, it has made for some frustrating moments during the past few semesters, but I appreciate that we're essentially being given a cushion.


The test today will cover cranial and spinal anatomy and procedures, some aspects of radiation safety, exposures and patient care. I feel okay about taking it; I've been taking practice exams for the past week or so and my resulting grades have been decent. Not to say that I wouldn't love to ace the thing, but the instructors say that everyone's generally on track. Besides, the program boasts a very high passing rate on the boards so I'm not too worried at this point. The important thing is to keep taking the practice exams consistently 'cause they're modeled after actual board questions.

Wish me luck! I'll be glad when the day is over regardless.

[Update: Just got done ... and I passed by a comfortable margin! Actually performed markedly better than my current average. Now, to build on that success and improve on the next test.]

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