26 March 2010

Heavy Rotation 008: Cassette Kids | "Spin".

This is my song of the week. The video is three kinds of weird, but it's weird in a simple offbeat way.

It's so loud, we're so close
We are all about to lose control
And I, well I can feel it rushing up inside my mind
Everybody on your feet now

Heat rocks!!

Cassette Kids are a relatively new band from Australia, having formed in 2007. Their EP, We Are, made some noise down under and they've been making moves and touring ever since (they recently performed at SXSW in Austin). "Spin" just has a great energy to it that makes me think of a perfect boisterous night out with friends, culminating in a bangin' after-hours house party in an apartment overlooking a neon-tinged city skyline. This was just begging for someone to flip it -- so Russ Chimes' ridiculously dope house remix was extremely welcome blasting through my speakers. I've seriously had this joint on repeat for days. It's damn near therapeutic. You need to do the same.

Cassette Kids' debut album Nothing On TV will be released on 16 April 2010. And just 'cause I think it fits the feel of this entry for some reason, a photo.


Have a great weekend everyone. Let's spin some records.

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