29 March 2010

Lyrics: "Weather Advisory" (Verse 01).

This song will actually be on J-Pros' second album, Pacific Central. "Weather Advisory" touches on a handful of subjects personal to Reggie and me, including addressing various rumors circulating about my dealings in Seattle. It felt good to write.
People say I got issues, why'd I quit the scene
So soon in the game when our shit was mean
So close I could reach out, grip the dream
In my hands then transform it to cream

Hold up though, I was split between
Dealin' nicotine-laced lyrics to fiends
And handlin' a whole other pressure inside
No doubt, I was in for a hell of a ride

I can't stop the gossip, plug the rumors
Designed to hurt me like cuts or bruises
You wanna see Merc messed up? Guess what
You can all kick rocks, son, scuff ya Pumas

Say what you want, and direct all your weaponry
Against me -- you won't affect my trajectory
In fact, it'll just reflect that my destiny's
To keep keepin' on, so respect that and let it be
With that said, Happy Monday.

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