22 March 2010

Temporal Displacement.

So basically, my sleep pattern is completely screwed up at the moment. The combination of flying from the Pacific to Central time zone, Daylight Savings Time, and generally traveling for 14 hours has resulted in my brain/body not knowing WTF is going on. I tossed, turned and didn't get to sleep until 2 this morning, and woke up without the slightest bit of grogginess at 7. You'd think that I'd be fighting to stay under the sheets (word to Ellie Goulding) to catch a few more Zs -- but sadly that isn't the case.

I've just read a chapter from one of my textbooks for cryin' out loud. Unbelievable. I'll need to hit the melatonin extra hard tonight to get my sleep schedule back on track.

Anyway. I'll have last week's Sunday Seven series up later today after I get sorted out. Photos from my trip to the Northwest should be up this week as well. [Update: Sunday Seven Series 029 has been retroactively posted.]

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smick said...

I'm the same way. Too easily off pattern. Only one thing works for me. No eats after 6 pm. Nothing. Harvard guys did a study. It actually works when I do it. Worked last night.

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