04 March 2010

What Is Your Secret?

In the excellent tradition of 50 People, 1 Question*, the people from PostSecret went out into NYC to ask random passers-by something simple: "What is your secret?" Here are the results.

Side note: I love the diversity of people in this video. Style + accents + ethnicity = awesome. It's one of the things I miss most about living in a huge city. Plus when there's a diverse population, great restaurants aren't far behind KNOWHATIMSAYIN?

It's amazing what thoughts, actions or beliefs people will confess to -- especially when asked in a pseudo-anonymous setting like this. The responses range from philosophical to quirky (eating cereal in the bedroom in one's underwear is definitely a movement I can get behind) ... and I'm attracted to the element of honesty in the answers. It's kinda refreshing after being immersed in a society that's constantly being bombarded by marketing, advertising and "spin."

After browsing the PostSecret blog for a little while (and being at turns amused, horrified, relieved and concerned), I was inspired to make my own personal confession. The following is rather heavy, but it's reflective of my current mindstate:

[source image via]

Come to think of it, this was actually calming and therapeutic in its own way. I'll do more in the future.

What is your secret?

*Seriously, if you have a few more minutes to spare, watch these videos. They're fascinating.

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Me said...

You wanna know my deep, dark secret? Come a little closer and I'll tell you. Yeah, right... :)

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