27 April 2010

Watch The Closing Doors.

No idea what's causing it, but I've been in a noir-ish kind of mood lately. Not depressed/sad/emo in particular really, but dark in a quiet, contemplative way. It's because a major chapter is closing in a few weeks; graduation and the national board exams are approaching fast, so anticipation of finally being done with school is building up. But I know I have to stay focused on finishing classes strongly and then pass the boards.

Anyway I dipped into Photoshop last night and came up with this. It reflects part of my current mood pretty well.

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"Watch the closing doors" personally means that I need to be as self-aware of my current path in life as I can. This is actually quite important to me on a deeper level -- I've written about feeling lost before and while it was an interesting learning experience, I don't really want to feel that way anymore. Now, with a new chapter about to write itself, I want to make sure my steps are steady and I actually know where the hell I'm going ...

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