06 May 2010

PM Update 005: Temporary Adjustments.

Haven't posted in over a week due to my laptop breaking and studying for finals, but I've finally managed to upload last week's Sunday Seven. I'm blessed with a temporary spare laptop. It runs decently most of the time, but some of the keys stick and the damn thing has a maddening tendency to focus randomly on wherever the cursor happens to be -- so I'll be typing something and suddenly I'm somewhere else in the sentence, paragraph, page or window. I swear I'm gonna wear out the backspace key on this thing before I get my replacement machine, but I'm not one to complain.

Finals are at the forefront of my mind right now, so don't be surprised if posting remains intermittent over the next few days (I'll have a bit of time to catch up this weekend though). I'm still taking photos so I anticipate this week's Sunday Seven to be posted on time.

My fellow students, good luck on this semester's final exams, and keep checking back here.

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