30 July 2010


Due to some co-workers taking vacation this week, the manager of the radiology department asked me to work through Friday to help with coverage in MRI. I'm going in today, then headed off after work once again to Columbia for another mini-getaway. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, followed by my brother Jose's on Sunday. So I thought I'd take him out to a nice dinner and hang out for a day. Also I do have some errands to run in town so the visit won't all be pleasure.

But I'm ready to get out of town as it's been particularly busy. Most patients have been keeping their appointments, which thankfully fill up my 10-hour days pretty fast. With less downtime at work I've discovered that I'm a bit more tired than usual -- compounded by continued training for my 5K a little over a week from now. I'm glad to say I'm improving on my distance running (if only a little), and I think I'm a bit more prepared to run the hilly blocks of downtown Kansas City this year. My lungs tend to tire far faster than my legs, so I'm slowly learning to concentrate on breathing more efficiently and paying stricter attention to my pace. Practicing on the hills in my neighborhood is doing the trick nicely.


I've started a brief stretching/yoga-lite regimen right after I get out of bed accompanied by some breathing exercises. This is in conjunction with the focused mindset I've described in this entry. It wakes me up more effectively than just stumbling to the bathroom and splashing cold water on my face. And at the same time, I get to pop and crack all my joints and loosen up for the day. Look up some yoga stretches online and try some for yourself!

Be safe this weekend everyone. Stay tuned for this week's Sunday Seven.

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