20 July 2010

Lunar Dream 01: Sentience.

Like every other person, I can only remember a fraction of the dreams I have. Lately it seems that I've been dreaming a bit more but that's probably due to the melatonin pill I pop before bedtime. Regardless, I forget almost all of my dreams soon after waking, although I do have some very vivid and memorable dreams from over the years that I hope to remember forever.

The moon has made an appearance in three of my most vivid and pleasant dreams. Following is a description of the first dream -- which I probably experienced sometime in my early teens -- to the best of my memory.

I was visiting my mom's childhood home in Quezon City, late on a warm, breezy summer night. Everyone on her side of the family was inside enjoying one other's company, quietly laughing and talking. I got up and slowly walked outside on the front porch to enjoy the nighttime weather, and that's when I looked up and saw magnificence. The entire sky was alive with millions of brilliant stars, clear against the cloudless black sky. But that spectacle was dwarfed by the sheer size of the moon.

Looking back into my dream, the moon itself must have taken up at least a third of the sky. Round and full, it glowed a great bright orange and illuminated the entire neighborhood with light like flames. It was obviously much closer to the Earth because I could discern individual craters, valleys and mountains on its surface. To me it looked only a few hundred feet away.

VASTLY bigger than this

It loomed so large that it almost seemed like it was on a collision course with the planet. But instead of a sense of alarm or fear, I was filled with a profound calm, almost as if the moon existed as a sentinel to protect me. It felt sentient somehow and that gave me a distinct sense of comfort. I must have stared awestruck for a while, rooted to the spot by the sheer spectacle of the sky. Even now the details of that moon -- the rough and jagged surface, the spectrum of its reds and oranges, and most of all its almost-incomprehensible mass -- are vivid in my mind.

I don't remember the rest of that dream (if it even continued past that point), but I don't think I really need to. Nowadays, even just thoughts of that dream will give me a sense of calmness and a little bit of wonder. Honestly, it's one of the best things my subconscious has ever done for me. Thanks, brain!

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