14 July 2010

Lyrics: "Pressure" (Verse 03).

The song this verse is from, "Pressure," was a rare one for me to write at the time. It was a welcome spark of inspiration and positivity during a period when I was going through some significant internal changes, many for the worse. Listening to the song soon after recording it, I realized that I was writing it as much for myself as for the important people in my life -- a strange and illuminating epiphany.

sky high [via]
I'm here for you fam, especially when you're strugglin' to make it
When you're feelin' lower than a puddle in the pavement
When you're cussin' at the world, suffering and wasted
Look, we all hustlin' so face it

There's gonna be times when each one of us is sinkin'
Times when you're goin' out ya mind and you wanna chug a drink and
Feelin' like you're traveling but lost your way
Pissed off at the cards that you're forced to play

Believe me, I've been in similar straits
Situations so heavy that I almost couldn't deal with the weight
If it wasn't for those who kept me movin' on in this race of life
I would be dead last, still at the gate

That don't mean that I'm stress-free
Far from it but let's see, I'm still puttin' forward the best me
And damn right I'ma help you out the same, fam
That's the game plan: Sky-high until the plane lands

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