12 August 2010

Get Thee To Bed.

Uncharacteristically, this week's afternoons have crawled by, resulting in a couple of head-nodding moments at work. You could guess that it might be caused by post-lunch food coma. 95% of the time though, my lunch is a medium-sized salad consisting of spinach, carrots, almonds, egg and tomato drizzled with Catalina dressing. Not what you'd consider a heavy meal. So no, the culprit is lack of sleep. Surprise surprise.


The problem is not that I have trouble going to sleep. I don't; I typically head off to Dreamland less than five minutes after my head hits the pillow. However, I have trouble going to bed. For some reason I procrastinate crawling under the sheets for as long as possible. Those who know me well can probably guess (correctly) that I'm messing around online, reading, listening to music or most likely a combination of the three. (I don't watch TV and am temporarily living in a cell phone dead zone, so I suppose I have to fill my free time somehow.)

Sooo, yes, I'd rather be sleeping most of the time. Problem is, listening to the next song or reading the next article takes immediate priority ... and so does the next, and the next. Before I know it, it's past midnight and I end up drowsy the following afternoon.

This is not a viable long-term solution (although what am I really saying; I've been freakin doing this for years). I keep meaning to go to bed earlier, but it never seems to happen consistently. Hmmm. Maybe I should bring some kind of boring book to bed. Either that or up my dose of melatonin. At the very least, I know it's not my diet that's making my afternoons last an eternity ...

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Work in Progress said...

Same thing happens to me. My body feels tired but I keep pushing it to stay awake so I can look at one more site or read one more thing. It probably doesn't help that I get home between 7-7:30. If I go to bed early, then I feel like there's no time for myself. Sigh...I need a big sack of money to magically appear at my door. :)

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