19 October 2010

Lyrics: "One Time."

Originally found on the iFlow mixtape we released with King Alexander (aka Joe Black) and E-Drid, this is one of my favorite verses. I'm most at home rhyming over mid-tempo/slower beats as my style is fairly high-density. Just reminiscing the other day and thought of the song again. After four and a half years I'm still feeling it. haha.

'Cause one of my dreams is to bubble up if only for a moment
Just enough so I can turn around and show all my opponents
How to do it right from the start, my crew's behind me
As I turn this writing to art, strikin' the charts

With the heart of a lion, chargin' the line like a spark from the iron
Artists are whinin' like they grind but they hardly be tryin'
Although they comin' out loud, after an hour
They break up like cumulonimbus clouds after a shower

And transform to vapor, the best-known turn into memories
I light up a Dutch and that's how I'll be burnin' my enemies
Then back to the lab creatin' something new to show ya
And plan for the day me and my labelmates go supernova

It's only a matter of time and perseverance
Before we make our first national televised appearance
And so for now until it's the apocalypse
I'm everywhere like precipitation all over the metropolis

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