09 February 2011

PM Update 006: New Colors & Layout.

Decided to tweak the blog design a little bit. It's had the same basic layout for about two years now so it was time to make some changes.

  • Color scheme is much brighter.

  • Width has been increased to accomomdate larger photos and video.

  • Recent Tracks from my last.fm and Hype Machine accounts have been removed to declutter the sidebar (which has been moved to the right).

  • Links to my other public online accounts have been moved from the footer to the sidebar.

I'm gonna try branching out and following more blogs in an effort to bring a bit more traffic to Perpetual Mixtape. I have been very inconsistent with updating over the past few months due to "life happening" so hopefully more eyeballs looking at my content will inspire me to up the quality of my posts.

I've also been kicking around the idea of focusing more on an overall topic for the blog. Historically I've been writing about whatever's on my mind, but obviously that's hit/miss regarding frequency and reader interest. Anyway it's an intriguing idea but will take some time to flesh out.

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