20 February 2009

Microphone Check One Two One Two.

Okay, so my Vox account is dead. I found myself making that blog more complicated than it needed to be, so I decided -- once again -- to start from scratch on this platform (but thanks Vox, it sincerely was a good run). Why Blogger? Because it's highly customizable, meaning I don't have to have crap on it that I don't want and I have a greater degree of freedom to arrange the design to my preferences. I'll have to flex my amateur HTML skills to see what I can remember. (I haven't done any coding in a few years.)

Anyhow, Perpetual Mixtape was the name of my long-defunct Xanga blog, so I'm continuing it here. In the spirit of the old site, I'll be writing about personal topics with the occasional post on culture, film, music and general design. I'm also planning on putting up some video blogs as well, but we'll see how time-intensive that is, so that's up in the air at this point.

Have a great weekend, and welcome to Perpetual Mixtape!

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