20 February 2009

About PM.

The name of this blog was inspired by the fact that there are always songs floating through my head, blending and chopping themselves up into crazy mashed-up remixes. My thoughts are the same way: free-flowing and mostly random, but somehow interconnected.

Perpetual Mixtape is my attempt to give structure and voice to those thoughts and share them with you. In an effort to write more consistently, I plan on updating on weekday mornings, and late Sundays. Most of my entries will deal with personal topics (work, love, life, stress, family, etc.) with the occasional post on stuff that interests or inspires me, mostly having to do with music, photography, art, modern design and culture in general. For a full sortable listing of posts, check out the Table Of Contents.

Please don't hesitate to comment or email me -- I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for reading!

Ran Gamboa
rangamboa [at] gmail [dot] com

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