09 March 2009

Lyrics: "Veil" (Verse 01).

It's almost midnight, it just stopped raining (for now, anyway), and I feel like posting up some lyrics. I recently finished the first verse of a song I'm tentatively calling "Veil" which matches my current introspective-slash-contemplative mood. In an attempt to inject some creativity into my writing, I tried something different this time around, opting for an ABAB rhyme scheme for 20 bars instead of the typical AABB.
If you were brought up like I was, then you woulda believed
That the good guys won all the fights they had
Accomplish anything you set out to achieve
And every son dreamed they could be like their dad

It wasn't hard to separate all the heroes out from the villains
And a friend then was a friend for real
You forgave and forgot if you happened to catch feelings
And God willin' you still made amends and chilled

But now that I've been around a little longer
I've seen some people hold on to hate
I admit sometimes I wish that I'd have been stronger
I'm guilty of the same, we can all relate

'Cause people will cross you, no matter their motivation
Whether from jealousy, greed, or some other sin
Whether you're kind to the world or you're not, no relation
Just some cats wanna see you suffer and then

Humiliate you for bein' you, knockin' ya whole game
In attempts to cut down ya level to size
On the path we all travel they stay blockin' the slow lane
No pain, time to sever the ties
This will be a regular feature on PM; I'll be posting up my rhymes occasionally. Please feel free to leave feedback or criticism -- honesty is definitely appreciated.

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