02 March 2009

An Urban Evening.

Sometimes I want it to be nighttime all the time. (But not nail-bitingly cold like in Alaska.) Taking a quick break from studying to post a bokeh video clip that matches the "noir" feeling I've had the past several days.

[Edit: The creator of the video disabled embedding, so here's a direct link to it on Vimeo.]

I like the mood and atmosphere of the fuzzy city lights, glowing warmly behind curls of steam and interrupted by the occasional pedestrian or taxi. It seems to complement a quiet "winter" type of urban evening, without all the snow that bombarded New York earlier today (and to a much smaller degree, Kansas City this past weekend). For some reason the video feels very comfortable to me. I don't know why. Enjoy it anyway.

Oh hey, wish me luck on my test tomorrow.

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Arianne said...

cool and depressing all at the same time...hrmmm!

good luck on your test babe. i'll talk to you tonight.

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