07 September 2009

Heavy Rotation 004: Rontronik | Radio:Rontronik Broadcast 1 (Permanent Midnight).

You know that time of night when it's too way late and way too early at the same time?  Like around 3:30-4:00am and you don't know whether to throw in the towel or just stick it out and catch the dawn suicidal-vampire style, and there's that irritatingly eerie silence that's just begging to be crushed out with a precise, fine-tuned mixture of ear candy?  That was last weekend for me.  Owing to my weekend rotation, I stayed in like a good little boy and, having nothing better to do, dug around in my exponentially-growing collection of music blogs for something to soothe the nocturnal quiet and please my soul.

Good news, My Peoples.  I found a gem.

Rontronik (website, blog) is an NYC-based "digital DJ/producer/sound designer" well-versed in the arts of IDM (intelligence dance music).  Since I really can't describe it too well myself, Wikipedia informs us that the genre
is influenced by a wide range of musical styles particularly electronic dance music such as Detroit Techno. Stylistically, IDM tends to rely upon individualistic experimentation rather than on a particular set of musical characteristics. The range of post-techno styles to emerge in the early 1990s were described variously as art techno, ambient techno, intelligent techno, and electronica.
Vague enough for you?  Yeah I couldn't really wrap my head around that either, but mainly 'cause it was like 4:12 in the morning.  But I digress.

Rontronik describes his particular flavor of music as abstract electronica.  To get a taste, download and immerse yourself in Radio Rontronik: Broadcast 1 (Permanent Midnight), a mixtape that I can only describe as a glitchy, aggressive cat-walk down a humid city block clogged with steamy taxis, uninhibited bar-hoppers, pseudo-hipsters and people in dirty hoodies who try to cram neon-splashed afterparty flyers down your gullet. It's "dark and dubstep tinged with a few surprises thrown in, Rontronik style."  The dubstep is actually what caught my eye/ear, and this joint definitely does not disappoint.

The wobbly, funky-ass dubstep remix of Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam" is fire!  Needless to say, silence was effectively vanquished in my humble home and before I knew it, it was daytime.  Fuuuuuck.

"Sound designer"?  I'd have to agree a hundred-plus percent.  Cop this.

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