06 September 2009

Sunday Seven 001: 2009 Sep 06.

Now that I've started posting somewhat regularly again, I'd like to implement some recurring themed entries.   I've already (just) started with Heavy Rotation, a series of reaction pieces about my current favorite music.  These are posted whenever I have the time to write up something halfway intelligent about why I like an artist or album, and not just "OMG this track is sick!!"  So, the Heavy Rotation posts are slow in coming.  It should be no secret to anyone who knows me that I love music though, so I'd like to try branching off in another direction to provide a little balance.

I really don't consider myself a "photographer"; like most people I snap away on my little Sony digicam and store them on the computer where the vast majority of the shots languish until the end of days.  But I would like to start chronicling aspects of my daily life and publishing them up here on PM.  These will strive to be visual records of something I did that day that was of personal significance (however mundane it might seem to the rest of you).  So I came up with a concept that will hopefully inspire me to post on a regular basis.

Sunday Seven will be a new feature here on Perpetual Mixtape.  Every Sunday evening, I will post a series of seven snapshots taken over the past week, accompanied by a seven-word caption for each photo.  Ideally I'll have one photo represent each day of the week, but it won't be necessarily so (which might change as this project evolves, but I wanted an unstructured format to begin with).  With that, here's the first series.  Enjoy.

Regretfully, I have yet to do this

These contain photographs of hope or despair

Responsible for that sudden, nasty metallic taste

In other words, be careful. Hot glass

Sub sandwich in hand, I took this

A ghetto attempt at time-lapse photography

Potential for a very good dinner. Really

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