07 October 2009

Lyrics: "The Abyss" (Verse 02).

Written during an introspective, slightly depressed period some months ago. Some things have changed since then; some things haven't.

The road I'm travelin' is not necessarily the ideal one
But to deviate from the path is kinda fearsome
For real, son, 'cause I need to be the last man standing
Battle demons trying to pull me in the damn Grand Canyon

At times I swear they got another plan/Whenever I
Make a small advance, they pullin' me back like a rubber band
I want my soul to grow, but on the other hand
I'm addicted to hookers and blow 'cause yo what's a couple grand?

I'm throwin' money at a problem like that's gon' fix it
Everyone says that my priorities are so twisted
'Cause even when I know my bank account is in the low digits
Guess what I go do, get mo' lifted

The higher I climb, the farther I fall
And never cease to wonder why I even bother at all
'Cause when I look in the mirror, it's so absurd what I see
My doppelganger, the inverted version of me

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