06 October 2009

A Change Is Gonna Come.

Word to Sam Cooke.

Nah, I'm not talking about civil rights or politics (although reading about the latter topic is has been giving me high blood pressure) ... but hairstyles.

My haircut of choice over the last few years had usually consisted of taking some clippers equipped with a #2 blade to my entire head, resulting in a low-maintenance 'do that didn't look too bad. I'd grow it out a little every now and then, just long enough to spike and add a bit of personality, but for the most part it was short and very manageable. Plus -- and this was a big plus -- all my hats/caps fit perfectly. Everything was on point.

Earlier this year I felt I needed some kind of change (word to Obama), and decided to experiment a little. I wanted to emulate a longer style popularized by my brothers across the Pacific, so I've been growing my hair out since about mid-March. Currently it's the longest it's been since about 1997. Needless to say, right now it looks Pretty Damn Fobulous. (But rest assured, I do not want X-Treme Korean Boy Band Hair.)

However this doesn't quite live up to my goal of having Bruce-like hair:

Trust: the man had style. I have ... fobby hair. Plus, my headwear doesn't quite feel right anymore on my dome ever since I started this project -- and it's getting colder out so I know I'm gonna start missin' my lids. So, is there some secret that I have to be in on to achieve this type of style correctly? *shrugs* I'll let it go for a couple more weeks to see if the situation improves. If not, out comes the #2 blade and it's back to short and spiky for me.

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