05 October 2009

Taste The Rainbow.

That's not just the slogan for Skittles, or a punchline from a Dane Cook bit, but an appropriate description of what designer Rebecca Gimenez did with a notice board. She was probably just walking along when she saw this:

Apparently, notice boards are just as subject to spontaneous design as anything else. I mean, why not? Almost everyone else would've walked by without a second thought, but she left the board looking like this:

Muuuch better. I dig these exercises in creating visually pleasing order from chaos. Now, I'm not generally a proponent of going up to some random notice board outside of your public library and having your way with assorted lost dog posters, club flyers and lawnmowing solicitations in the name of Design. You can actually DIY at home with the bookshelves in your living room, provided you own enough books to do so [via Freshome].

There's even a Flickr pool now with some more great examples. You probably wouldn't like it if you prefer organizing your collection by subject or author, but the results can be undeniably gorgeous.

Sadly, I don't own this many books, and currently only have a handful from my collection on display in my apartment (the rest are boxed up in storage), so this wouldn't work out quite so nicely for me. Now think of how much work it would take to rearrange twenty thousand books this way, like artist Chris Cobb's "installation" at San Francisco's Adobe Bookshop in 2004, called "There Is Nothing Wrong In This Whole Wide World". Twenty thousand books. That, My Peoples, is dedication to the art.

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