14 January 2010

A Damn Good Night Out.

So push play right now and watch the following clip, "Rad Anthem" by Rad Omen (NSFW), the brainchild of DJ Troublemaker.

Aaaaahhhhh, memories. *ahem* Would you say that this is:
  1. a metaphor for corporate capitalism in America
  2. a statement about the perils of overindulgence
  3. a hilariously awesome music video
I'm gonna go with ... 3, but you could probably make a case for 1 and 2 too.  ANYWAY this hits my senses exactly right, because listen: It's a rare and beautiful event when the video and song complement each other so well. In this case they go together like three lines of uncut pure and a mirrored hotel coffee table. The track is heavy on the buttery electro and light on its feet, bouncy and super-danceable even without the aid of any illicit substances -- although I'm pretty sure they'd do a fine job enhancing how nicely this song hits. And the video ... well, let's just say I know the feeling. It perfectly encapsulates a Damn Good Night Out, punctuated by the inevitable cryptic Facebook status updates, improbably funny situations, misspelled text messages and phone calls you probably shouldn't have made.

In this city, we know how to get down
In this city, we know how to do it right

Go ahead, watch it again. You know you want to see Jack get his dome licked by a stripper one more time.

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