20 January 2010

Is That Supposed To Tell Me Something?

Thanks to TweetStats, I can do some completely unnecessary (but fun) metrics on my Twitter account. If you looked at the top five words I use on Twitter, namely:
  1. good (13)
  2. time (12)
  3. weekend (9)
  4. coffee (9)
  5. damn (8)
you might assume that I have the Best Weekend Nightlife Ever and I continuously combat the after-effects of being hungover with caffeine while complaining about it. Sadly, that is not the case. I need not explain further.

Just for kicks, it made a Wordle out of my tweets as well:

Twitter Wordle

It's actually kinda interesting to see how often I use certain words when constrained by just 140 characters. Is that supposed to tell me something? I could see some Ivy-league psychology department doing some research on the correlation between the frequency of words used on Twitter and academic standing -- or something like that. Sounds almost feasible.

Anyway, try it if you're on Twitter; it's a good way to waste even more time.

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