23 January 2010

Two Different Goodbyes.

Headed back to Olathe one more time this weekend -- with Veronica, Gen, Olivienne and my mom in tow -- to finally clear out the rest of the boxes and miscellaneous items from my apartment. All of the large pieces of furniture have already found a good home; it's just a matter of sliding everything else into the back of my dad's Ridgeline and finding space for it here in Hays (not that this house needs anything else stuffed into it, which is why I'm doubly glad that I'm not bringing back any big items). So it'll be a busy weekend of driving, organizing and cleaning before handing the keys back for good and officially closing my experience of living in Kansas City.

This will also be my last weekend with Veronica before she flies back out to Seattle with Gen and Olivienne next Wednesday. These past five weeks have definitely flown by too fast and I can't say I'm really ready for her to go. It's been a wonderful, hilarious and joyous time. I've been continually amazed, delighted and humbled by having her around. It's a powerful way to see a different perspective of the world and my place in it. Needless to say, I'll miss her a lot -- even though I'll see her again in mid-March and we'll Skype regularly until then. It won't be the same, though, and it makes me profoundly sad. That said, words cannot describe how happy I am that she was able to spend time with me.

I love you Veronica! Missing you already.

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