25 January 2010

Lyrics: "Cloud City" (Verse 01).

It's been a while since this was actually written ... probably about a year ago. Yes, I'm feeling a little emo at the moment (but I think I have a decent reason to be), and it reminded me of this verse.

My girl told me that she thought I was depressed and at times
I don't believe her but it's really all this stress on my mind
That got me actin' like I got a thundercloud in my head
It's rainin' now, so I'd rather lay around and play dead

I move through the fog slow like a sequence in a dream
The only difference is, I ain't sleepin -- it would seem
That I'd be able to reach in and read the secrets in between
The reasons why I'm feelin' like I'm sinkin' deep, what does it mean

Is it because my life used to be sane
Before I started wildin' out and now refuse to be tamed
Or is it my inability to handle drama
At times I need a thicker skin or switch to a better brand of armor

So she tells me to chill, relax and be calmer
Remindin' me there's a bigger picture, panorama
I'm listening but I ain't hearin' a word
Close my eyes 'cause my vision's disappearing and blurred

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