17 February 2010

Give It Up.

For some reason it seems like it's way too soon for Lent, but I think the year in general has been flying by. So I'm going to go get "ashed" in church today to kick off the Lenten season. Every year I pretty much give up the same stuff, with variations here and there. In 2010, I am abstaining from:
  1. Eating "land" meat, namely chicken, turkey, beef and pork. Seafood is okay.
  2. Drinking carbonated beverages, including but not limited to soda and Red Bull.
  3. Pleasures of the flesh. Those needing clarification need to watch this movie.
  4. Cursing. This is gonna be a difficult but necessary challenge for me, as it's become a problem of sorts.
A lot of people give up alcohol for Lent, but I don't really drink much nowadays anyway to make much difference, so it's never officially on the list. Generally I do pretty well on all of these with only a lapse or two and by the time Easter Sunday rolls around, I'm pretty happy with the accomplishments.

Day 01 of 44 starts today. I'll let you know how I did after Easter. Good luck fellow Catholics!

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Strictor said...

Ash Wednesday already? I'm not sure about lent. Soda for sure...but that's gonna be rough since I start day shifts next week. 5 hr energy here I come!

Ran said...

Coffee has health benefits in moderation. I've yet to try a 5-Hour Energy, but a co-worker did at OMC last year and he ended up liking it.

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