16 February 2010

Designing For A Guilty Pleasure.

I don't really watch much television, but I've been following Lost for about four years now. Got into it when I lived in SoCal when my brother and I Netflixed the first two seasons and watched it with our significant others. Yes, I got hooked and as a result, I have the usual fan gripes about the sheer amount of unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions. This being the last season, I hope the writers wrap most of the major things up neatly by the end as they've been promising -- although with the way Season 06 is going, I wouldn't get too excited about the possibility of having all of my questions answered.

According to his bio, designer Ty Mattson heads up Mattson Creative, a firm specializing in "brand identity development." Which means he gets to design cool award-winning stuff for clients like Hasbro and Pepsi. Turns out he also likes Lost, and for this season's premiere episode, he designed some viewing party invitations for his friends. A quick sampling:

These are cool as hell. I love that they're so retro and clean.

Obviously to "get" the posters, you'd have to have followed the show, but they definitely stand on their own as really dope art pieces. These actually make me amped to watch the show ...

With that said, Episode 04 is tonight! Tune in. We'll see if we can get some questions answered *crossing fingers*

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