01 February 2010

No Main Topic 001: On The Grammys, The Swift Passage Of Time, Donating To Goodwill & Throwback Week.

Judging from the posts on Twitter, Facebook and various message boards, I didn't miss anything by not watching the Grammys last night. Over the next few days, I'll basically end up watching any performances of note over Hulu/YouTube, or embedded in one of the music blogs that I read. I haven't really checked for a Top 40 artist very closely (save for a passing interest in Lady Gaga -- she is talented) so the awards given out to honor those artists and songs really don't mean all that much to what's currently uploaded into my iPod. Basically, what Flavor Flav said in "Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic." Anyway. The winners will have a few more gramophones to put in their display cases and life goes on.

Can't believe this is already the fourth week of the semester. Two more tests, a speech outline, quizzes and daily reading round out my week. Add to that more intensive studying for the board exams in May. Before I know it, Spring Break will be here -- which I'm sure will be extremely welcome by that point. But it's a little scary how fast the days are flying by. Somehow it doesn't seem right. Or maybe I'm really just getting old.

I'm giving away some things to Goodwill today after class. My recent move has illuminated just how much miscellaneous stuff I own, which honestly stressed me out and put me in a bad mood. So part of the weekend was spent boxing up clothes, photo frames, books and computer parts to donate. It felt good to go through my belongings and discard those which were unnecessary. I hope to do the same thing every month or so to keep my stuff from taking over my life, and also to streamline my inevitable move from the Midwest after graduation. I also ended up shredding a couple of boxes full of old documents I'd inexplicably held on to for years.

Speaking of old documents, I rediscovered a number of legal pads filled with various writings in the form of journal entries, lyrics, poems and random thoughts spanning from about 1999 to 2005. So this week, I'll be choosing a few less-embarrassing pieces of writing and posting those here on PM. This actually works out well since I'll be a bit busy with schoolwork and this'll save me from doing any additional, you know, thinking. With that said:

Throwback Week begins. Have a great Monday!

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