01 February 2010

Throwback Week Part 01: An Untitled Narrative.

This passage is undated, but I wrote this sometime between 17 August and 18 September 2001. Obviously unfinished, but it looks like it could have been an interesting short story.

"Don't worry," the angel said. "No one will see you. I promise."

Tyler glanced sideways up and down the aisle. As always, she was right; there was no one wandering about. Still, he was afraid that some yellow-aproned store employee would walk around the corner and catch him shoplifting. Tyler knew that if he were caught, there would be more than hell to pay. Might as well kiss that Nintendo he'd been wanting for Christmas goodbye, too.

He drew his hand back and sighed. "Rai, I can't."

The angel exhaled gently through her nose, and Tyler caught the scent of flowers. "Do you really think I would let anything bad happen to you?"

"No." Another glance left, right.

"I'm an angel, dummy."

"I know."

"So come on. Hurry up, before someone comes."

"Look, I just don't wanna get caught," Tyler mumbled, picking at a shirt sleeve. "Let's -- let's just go, okay?" He looked at Rai and stuffed his hands into his pockets.

Rai opened her mouth, shut it again. Paused. "Okay. I thought you really wanted it though." She shrugged slowly, with a grace Tyler would not notice until many years later.

"Not as bad as I want my Christmas present." He had a pained look on his face. "Can we go?"

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