05 February 2010

Throwback Week Part 05: An Untitled Blog Entry.

This entry was written on 17 August 2000, almost a decade ago, soon after I moved to Seattle. This fall I'll basically be reenacting the move -- definitely older and hopefully a little wiser. Thanks for bearing with me during Throwback Week; my tests are over and regular blogging will resume shortly.

A little more than a week ago I moved into my new home, in a suburb south of Seattle. I've spent the last few days finally settling in and taking stock of my surroundings. I think I've chosen a nice place to live for the next couple of years or so -- the weather so far's been great, and as hard as it may be to believe I am anticipating the coming of rain here in the Northwest. I think I'm just looking forward to experiencing autumn, my favorite season, in a new place for the first time in about eleven years.

Throughout college and even a year after, I have lived with roommates, whether they were family members or close friends. During my freshman year I dormed with a guy I knew from high school. After that I lived with my brother and a good friend for three or four years in a condominium. Finally, at 24, I'm living by myself, although it took moving halfway across the continent to do it.

As with most other things in life, there are pros and cons to having an apartment to oneself. The most obvious advantage is that I can do whatever the hell I want when I want to do it without having to worry about disturbing someone else. Many a time before, I have wandered into the living room of my old condo to pop some CDs in the stereo only to discover my brother endlessly immersed in SportsCenter or a roommate throwing darts. The fridge here is completely and unquestionably mine, which is a peculiar pleasure -- I guess the simple idea of having my own refrigerator is new and agreeable to me. None of that "third shelf is mine, second is yours and we'll share the bottom one for beer" stuff (although I never had problems staking or invading fridge territory -- I had the good fortune of living with cool people). The bathroom, as well, is my property. If you've ever lived with roommates you've probably fought for counter space and spots in the medicine cabinet. Here I can spread my stuff all over and no one will care. Joyous! Household chores will never be delegated and ultimately forgotten (I have a thing about watering the houseplants every Sunday). Videos will be viewed at my convenience, and I'll never have to wait in line for the shower or use of the stove. Hey. I can even leave the bathroom door open.

Of course, you can probably figure out the most obvious downside to living alone, and it's that you're alone. There is nothing quite like coming home into a semi-noisy house, where someone's watching syndicated shows on USA or whipping up ghetto ramen noodles. There is nothing like staying up at unholy hours trying to beat a video game with a roommate, or having one of those late night conversations that seem rational at the time; it's only the day after that we look back and remark "What a weird-ass conversation we had last night. Let's go get something to eat." It's something I miss a lot now that I'm by myself, and it will be a long time before that feeling comes back.

I guess this entry is dedicated not only to my former roommates, but to every one who used to drop by the crib, whether at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, for no other reason than to simply hang out, argue, laugh, eat, party or say goodbye. I hate to sound melodramatic, but I do miss you guys and sometimes I think it would be nice to have any of you here. With that said, someone better come up to visit me soon. That way we can stay up talking, and the next day laugh and say "Let's get something to eat."

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