04 February 2010

Throwback Week Part 04: Yes Joe 2.

Written on 10 October 2002, this particular entry resonates simply because I'm now trying to drink less coffee and more tea. And yes: I admit that I am addicted, not necessarily to coffee, but probably to caffeine in general.

It's a love-hate thing.

So I'm back on the coffee. After tentatively dipping my toes into the caffeine pool, I've surrendered once again and jumped in. Just now I downed a 16-ounce mug of the stuff and have turned my fan on in response to my increasing body temperature.

I dunno. Coffee-drinking is like pimping: I just can't stay away. Seriously, it's hard to say no to a freshly-brewed mug when one's eyelids are threatening to go on strike for the entire day. I just have to make sure I have something to eat with it.

Honestly I don't think I am "addicted" in the traditional sense. I don't crave coffee after waking up, nor do I pour myself endless refills. But I can't lie and say that it doesn't help. Or maybe it only appears to help and it's all in my head. After all, I've gone on months-long coffee-free periods before. I never touched it before college. My well-being is not dependent on a cup of java every morning.

Okay, fine. Just to prove it, I'll go next week without. Just to see. Personally I think the first hour at work will be the most trying. But being that I'm not addicted, it'll be no sweat.


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