15 February 2010

When Being On Filipino Time Goes Right.

So I was in Kansas City this past weekend to drop my mom off at the airport -- she's flying back to the Philippines for a couple of months with my grandma to attend to some family business. Coincidentally a friend was celebrating his birthday on Saturday, so I decided to stay in town for the evening to participate in the festivities. As always, good music and even better company made for a very fun night (even if I had to endure watching a KU game at Mike's and listening to some cheesy music at Shark Bar* before surrendering and retreating to Lucky Strike -- haha!).

Anyway, the next morning found me dragging a little bit. After a unhealthily delicious burger at Five Guys, I left from Corey's house later than I'd intended -- a little after 2pm -- and stopped off to get gas on the Missouri side before getting onto the freeway. The five minutes I spent filling the tank up saved me from getting into a 40-car accident right outside of Bonner Springs as I was heading west on I-70 (this video of the aftermath has to be watched to be fully appreciated). This massive accident happened only a few miles ahead of me. If I'd gotten on the road slightly sooner, I would have been involved.


In the photograph above, I was about a mile behind the semi trucks you see in the background. I had to take the Bonner Springs exit -- you can see the overpass waaay in the back.

This is when being on Filipino time goes right for once. Although the delays and detours added another hour to my normal 4-hour drive -- and good lookin' out to Jose for being my OnStar representative for a few minutes -- I'm not complaining at all. Needless to say, I was a bit tired from the drive last night. Sunday Seven will be posted later today.

To all my Filipino readers, the next time someone bags on you for being on Pinoy time all the time, let me talk to 'em. Whew.

*Actually somewhat better than my previous experiences there. They had a pretty amazing blacklight setup that night.

Edit: This week's Sunday Seven post will be postponed as I lent my camera to my mom while she's away (hers isn't pocket-sized). I switched out the Memory Stick beforehand so I could upload the pics I took last week, but it turns out that in order for the desktop to read the memory card and copy files I have to buy an adapter for the Duo, which I don't really want to do right now. Sunday Seven will resume next week with Series 025 as I take photos with her camera and I'll add Series 024 retroactively when I can.

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