31 March 2010

Clean Casual.

One of the discussion posts on a board I frequent asked members if they have a "consistent look." Lots of the people on the board are involved in the creative arts to varying degrees and range in age from early 20s to late 30s, so it was interesting to read about the styles they rock, from "Hippy Hipstery" to "Classic Hood" LOL. I started thinking about how my own personal style has evolved over the years (especially in the last two or three) and I guess, for lack of better synonyms, one could call it Clean Casual:
  • Fitted tees/button-ups. I prefer minimal patterns/logos, and usually in understated earth tones, though I have a handful of brighter/"louder" pieces.

  • Dark, fitted denim. Gone are the days of super-baggy jeans for me, although I kind of miss wearing them once in a while. I don't rock skinny jeans though -- I'll have to start listening to more Dashboard Confessional for that -- and try to stay away from holes/frayed ends. I actually go get my jeans hemmed now. You know, like an adult. LOL.

  • Duckbill/newsboy caps. This is as close as I've gotten to having a "trademark" look. Here's where I like a bit of flash and color. You'll find me wearing a lid, brim tilted, on more days than not. That said, I will never. Have. Enough. Hats.

  • Blazer/hoodie. Not as essential now that the weather is turning absolutely gorgeous (minus the allergies that come with it), but I still love rockin outerwear when I can. I recently copped a one-button shrunken blazer that I'm ready to rock this spring/summer when the occasion arises.

  • Casual kicks. I was never a big fan of sneakers with crazy colorways. The only time I ever wear athletic sneakers now is when I work out. Anything I lace up on a daily basis now has simple tones and a sleeker, simpler shape.

  • Accessories.

    • I used to actively collect watches and I'm starting to get back into wearing them after going without for a year during clinicals, but I'll need to replace the batteries for most of them. But I love a good, classy timepiece.

    • Occasionally I'll also rock a metal cross wristband on the other arm for a bit of personality.

    • Kinda sad to see my scarves go into storage for the warmer months, but they served me well this fall/winter.
So, nothing too flashy aside from an occasional pop of color and design here and there but it's a nice clean look for me. I've been trying to concentrate on buying fewer, high-quality pieces that complement my build/silhouette and work well with my existing wardrobe (which I prune every few months -- my older clothes go overseas to the Philippines or down the street to the local charity). Who knows, in a few years I'll probably have evolved again, but hopefully I'll have kept my sense of style intact. I don't think I'm doing too badly though ... am I?

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Creative Silence said...

Nice post. We have similar style I see. Understated, mature but still relevant. I'm definitely a brim and fly cap dude, and I'm missing the scarf season. Represent.

Ran said...

I'm not the biggest cold weather fan ... but I do love cooler scarf season. And I like your description of the type of style we go for. Great minds think alike, man. (Caps FTMFW)

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