01 April 2010

Fighting A Hard Battle.

In concordance with my quest to become more empathic towards the people in my life, here's my quote for the day.


It's an interesting, almost-negative way to look at the world -- that everyone is essentially struggling with internal issues, no matter how small. Some people are just better at hiding that struggle than others. I suppose there's a real element of truth in that, but over the past few months I've had trouble integrating that truth and behaving accordingly. Call it for what it was: selfishness.

Perhaps it's because I'd become so focused on fighting my own demons that I'd forgotten about the daily battles that others fight within themselves. The fact that those battles exist, and are as important to another person as my own issues are to me, is something I'd do well to remember.

Empathy requires opening the eyes of the soul. It's time to take in the view.

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